About the Cover: 2023 Winter Newsletter

New York’s PRISM network, in collaboration with the NYS DEC, many state agencies, and partners, is in a unique position to lead the way towards preventing and managing invasive species well beyond backyard conservation into largescale connected land and waterscapes.

Help Suppress Invasive Pests

The spotted lanternfly and spongy moth are two invasive insects that lay eggs on trees and other flat surfaces. Fall and winter are ideal times to check your trees and backyard for egg masses that could be from these pests. Removing egg masses helps to suppress new populations of these invasive species that would otherwise hatch in the spring.

Partner Spotlight: 2023 Winter Newsletter

Fort Drum has teamed up with the New York Natural Heritage Program (NYNHP) to perform a survey of invasive plant species on the installation.

Terrestrial Upades: Winter 2023

Updates from our Terrestrial Restoration and Resiliency Coordinator, Robert Smith highlighting 2022 field season accomplishments, along with what’s been done so far in 2023.

Aquatic Upades: Winter 2023

Updates from our Aquatic Restoration and Resiliency Coordinator, Brittney Rogers showcasing our eDNA project and WISP accomplishments.

A Word From a Steward

A watercraft inspection steward shares how anglers can help prevent the spread of aquatic invasive species.

New Oneida Lake Management Plan Includes Invasive Species

Oneida Lake faces an ongoing and ever-evolving threat in the form of aquatic invasive species. The Oneida Lake Watershed Nine Element (9E) Plan, which kicked off in summer 2022, will build on past planning, state-of-the-art digital modeling, and community input to develop a strategy to address water quality concerns, including invasive species in and around Oneida Lake.

HWA Winter Mapping Challenge

From Feb 1st – March 15th, the NY Natural Heritage Program is hosting the 2nd Annual HWA Winter Mapping Challenge in partnership with the NYS Hemlock Initiative.

A Word From Our Director: 2023 Winter Newsletter

Natural climate solutions are essential to New York’s climate mitigation goals. Reducing the threat from invasive species is an important strategy for maintaining the carbon sequestration potential of New York’s forests.

Virtual Hike Challenge

SLELO PRISM will hold our annual Virtual Hike Challenge (VHC) again this winter. The challenge, happening November 2022, through March 2023, pairs winter hiking with simple instructions to help keep an eye out for hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA). HWA is an invasive forest pest that is confirmed to be present in Oswego County and is spreading along the Eastern Lake Ontario shoreline.