Community Protectors: Monitor Tree Health

Tree health can be impacted by many factors, including invasive species. You can help by monitoring tree health in your community.

Forest Protectors: Prioritizing Hemlocks

With HWA spreading across New York state and along the east coast, having a hemlock conservation plan in place, before your hemlocks are infested with this invasive pest, will allow you to put your resources towards the protection of the hemlocks you value the most.

Garden Protectors: Plan to Plant

Winter is a great time to start planning for your garden. Learn what plants are native to your zipcode with a native plant finder tool, and view native plant lists to help get you started. Choosing to grow native plants helps to stop the spread of invasive plants and supports pollinators!

Land & Trail Protectors: Protect Hemlocks

Hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA) is an invasive pest that threatens the health of our forests by killing hemlock trees. Learn how you can help protect hemlock trees from HWA.

Help Suppress Invasive Pests

The spotted lanternfly and gypsy moth are two invasive insects that lay eggs on trees and other flat surfaces. Fall and winter are ideal times to check your trees and backyard for egg masses that could be from these pests. Removing egg masses helps to suppress new populations of these invasives species that would otherwise hatch in the spring.

Controlling Invasive Woody Plants

Fall and winter are ideal seasons to control invasive shrubs. During these seasons, plants switch from drawing nutrients to their leaves and start drawing nutrients to their roots as part […]

Protect Monarch Butterflies

About Monarch Butterflies In September and October, monarch butterflies will be laying their eggs on native milkweed using a combination of chemical and visual cues that have evolved over time. […]

Species Spotlight: Asian Longhorned Beetle

Description The Asian longhorned beetle, ALB (Anoplophora glabripennis), is a wood-boring invasive insect native to China and Korea. It was first seen in the US in the mid-1990s, possibly introduced […]

We Have Billboards!

As part of our Pledge to Protect marketing initiative we’ve designed billboards to be placed in strategic locations throughout the SLELO region.  The billboards feature water and landscape scenes that […]