Protector’s Activity: Check Your Property for Invasive Plants

This fall and winter keep an eye out for bittersweet and porcelain berry which are easily identified by their distinctive berries that appear this time of year. These invasive woody vines grow over understory vegetation and strangle trees. Check out this Protector’s blog to learn to recognize these invasive plants and steps you can take now to get a head start on controlling them before the next growing season.

Virtual Hike Challenge

SLELO PRISM will hold our annual Virtual Hike Challenge (VHC) again this winter. The challenge, happening November 2023, through March 2024, pairs winter hiking with simple instructions to help keep an eye out for hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA). HWA is an invasive forest pest that is confirmed to be present in Oswego County and is spreading along the Eastern Lake Ontario shoreline.

Protect Pollinator Habitat

Specialized relationships between plants and insects are vital to the lifecycle of many pollinators. Invasive plants can easily overtake pollinator habitats. You can help by planting pollinator host plants and by removing invasive plants on your property. Learn more in this Protector’s Blog!

Protector’s Activity: Check for SLF While Traveling

Attention travelers, spotted lanternfly (SLF) can easily hitchhike on your vehicles. Be sure to check the grill and wheel wells of your vehicle for SLF adults and eggs while doing end of season traveling.

Protector’s Activity: Watch Out For Noxious Invasive Plants

While you’re enjoying the outdoors in your own backyard or on your favorite trail, keep an eye out for noxious invasive plants that could really hinder your outdoor experience!

Protector’s Activity: Prevent the Spread of Invasive Species

Did you know that you can spread invasive species by boating, taking a hike, gardening, moving firewood, and many other activities you may enjoy? Learn about invasive species introduction pathways and actions you can take to prevent their spread.

Protector’s Activity: Visit a Watercraft Inspection Steward

Help stop the spread of aquatic invasive species by visiting a watercraft inspection steward this summer!

Protector’s Activity: Protect Vernal Pools

Vernal pools provide essential habitats for the lifecycle of amphibians and provide important food sources for wildlife. Invasive plants can lower ground table water levels making conditions too dry for vernal pools to develop altering these sensitive habitats and making them unsuitable for dependant wildlife. 

Protector’s Activity: Watch For Invasive Pests That Threaten Maple Syrup Production

March is maple syrup month, and who doesn’t enjoy some delicious maple syrup on some nice fluffy pancakes. Check out this Protector’s blog to learn of invasive pests that threaten maple syrup production.

Protector’s Activity: Family Friendly Invasive Species Activities

Learn of invasive species educational resources and activites you can enjoy with your family or students!