SLELO PRISM is a collaborative effort between numerous principal and cooperating partners throughout the region.The contributions and expertise provided by these partners is the key to our success.Current partners include

The SLELO Partnership holds meetings for our partners, collaborating affiliates, and volunteers on a seasonal basis. View the bottom of our EVENTS page for the meeting schedule.  

To attend a partner meeting as a guest, please email rwilliams@tnc.org with your request

If you’re a partner but haven’t received an invitation to a partner meeting, please fill out the form below.

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We're Part of a State-wide Invasive Species Management Network

In addition to local partnerships, SLELO is part of a larger state-wide Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISM) aimed to address the threat of invasive species. PRISMS are vital components of an integrated approach to invasive species management in New York.

To get involved:

  1. Contact a PRISM leader (below) for more information.
  2. Join your regional invasive species/PRISM listserve.
  3. Join the monthly PRISM conference call for updates, online presentations, and announcements.

State-Wide PRISM-Staff Directory

Adirondack Park Invasive Plant Program (APIPP) 

Host Organization: The Nature Conservancy

Capital-Mohawk PRISM

Host Organization: Saratoga County Cornell Cooperative Extension

  • Coordinator: Kristopher Williams, kbw44@cornell.edu (C) 518-321-0189 (W) 518-885-8995 x2218
  • Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator: Lauren Henderson ljh257@cornell.edu 518-885-8995 x2216
  • Education/Outreach Coordinator: Hannah Coppola hwe22@cornell.edu
  • Terrestrial Invasive Species Coordinator: Sam Shultz ss986@cornell.edu  518-885-8995 x2211

Catskill Regional Invasive Species Partnership (CRISP)

Host Organization: Catskill Center

Finger Lakes PRISM 

Host Organization: Finger Lakes Institute at Hobart and William Smith Colleges

Lower Hudson PRISM 

Host Organization: The NY-New Jersey Trail Conference  

  • Coordinator: Linda Rohleder: lrohleder@nynjtc.org (O)201-512-9348 x821, (C) 732-939-3461
  • Terrestrial Invasive Species Project Manager: Ryan Goolic rgoolic@nynjtc.org, 201-512-9348 x833 
  • Aquatic Invasive Species Program Coordinator: Lindsay Yoder, lyoder@teatown.org 409-782-6468 cell
  • Invasive Species Citizen Science Program Coordinator: Brent Boscarino,Brent@NYNJTC.org 201-512-9348 x832

Host Organization: Long Island Native Plant Initiative (631)560-9945

St. Lawrence-Eastern Lake Ontario (SLELO) PRISM 

Host Organization: The Nature Conservancy

Western New York PRISM 

Host Organization: SUNY Buffalo State  WNY PRISM Office Phone: (716) 878-4708

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Prevent the introduction of invasive species into the SLELO PRISM.

Rapidly detect new and recent invaders and eliminate all individuals within a specific area.

Share resources, including funding personnel, equipment, information, and expertise.

Collect, utilize, and share information regarding surveys, infestations, control methods, monitoring, and research.

Control invasive species infestations by using best management practices, methods and techniques to include: ERADICATION (which is to eliminate all individuals and the seed bank from an area), CONTAINMENT (which is reducing the spread of established infestations from entering an uninfested area) and SUPPRESSION which is to reduce the density but not necessarily the total infested area.

Develop and implement effective restoration methods for areas that have been degraded by invasive species and where suppression or control has taken place.

Increase public awareness and understanding of invasive species.

Develop and implement innovative technologies that help us to better understand, visualize, alleviate or manage invasive species and their impacts or that serve to strengthen ecosystem function and/or processes.

Rob Williams rwilliams@tnc.org 
PRISM Coordinator

Megan Pistolese megan.pistolese@tnc.org 
Outreach and Education

Brittney Rogers brittney.rogers@tnc.org 
Aquatic Invasive Species

Robert Smith robert.l.smith@tnc.org 
Terrestrial Invasive Species

During this time the best way to contact our team is via email.