Ecological Restoration / Healthy Lands

SLELO Partners have been implementing strategies that serve to maintain the integrity and resilience of our lands by restoring areas disturbed by invasive species, or treatment thereof. Once a response effort has been completed, it is sometimes necessary to restore disturbed areas to their natural ecological character and function. Restoration efforts may incorporate natural succession or intentional restoration measures using species native to the particular ecosystem in question to help restore resilience and guard against re-infestations. SLELO PRISM restoration highlights include:

1. Completed habitat restoration efforts along the Salmon River by suppressing 86% of Japanese knotweed populations and restoring 21 sites with native grasses and live plantings.

2. Assisted with the Tug Hill re-forestation and resiliency project by suppressing woody invasive plants and promoting native tree establishment.

3. Developed a common (native) grass seed mix used on some treatment sites to reduce the re-establishment of terrestrial invasive plants.

4. Leading a working group to establish a Restoration Addendum for the NYS-DEC Rapid Response Program.


Rob Williams
PRISM Coordinator

Megan Pistolese
Outreach and Education

Brittney Rogers
Aquatic Invasive Species

Robert Smith
Terrestrial Invasive Species