Adopt a Tree

Urban forests are street trees and other vegetation that provide green spaces within an urban setting.

Urban forests provide immense beauty to cities, as well as many benefits for people and nature. Invasive tree pests threaten the health of our urban forests.

The City of Watertown is asking citizens to help protect your urban forests by adopting a tree to monitor for signs of invasive pests.

To participate in this program, sign up on our form to select a tree to “adopt,” and check the tree (s) in the spring, summer, and fall for signs of a tree pest (see images below).

If the tree you adopt shows any of the signs described below, please take a photo of the suspected sign, note the location of the tree, and email with the subject of (adopt a tree).

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Rob Williams
PRISM Coordinator

Megan Pistolese
Outreach and Education

Brittney Rogers
Aquatic Invasive Species

Robert Smith
Terrestrial Invasive Species