Spotted Lanternfly is an invasive insect that may impact our agricultural and tourist industry in NY. This insect negatively affects the growth and fruit yields of over 70 different types of plants, such as grape vines, and apple trees; our state stands to lose over $350 million dollars in apple and grape crop revenue if spotted lanternfly (SLF) becomes established in NY. To learn more about this insect, visit our Spotted Lanternfly species profile.

Organizations around the state are working to prevent the spread of SLF. Both dead adults and egg masses have been found in multiple counties in New York, with  recent confirmed infestations in all five burrows of New York City.  Unfortunately, the SLF may be spread by people traveling through states with established populations, such as Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Public participation in this SLF Spotters program may help prevent the spread of SLF by raising awareness about this insect.

More information on participating businesses coming soon.

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