Field Reports

View and download field reports from the SLELO Field Team.

2017 Field Season

Little John WMA Field Report 2017

2016 Field Season

Salmon River Estuary Field Report-pdf
Mud Bay Field Report-pdf
Kasoag Lake Fish Creek Field Survey-pdf
Chaumont Bay Report-pdf
American Water Willow Report-pdf
Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Survey-pdf
Tug Hill Invasive Species Prevention Zone Report-pdf
Black Lake Report-pdf
Muskellunge Creek Field Report-pdf
Oneida Lake and Three Mile Bay Report-pdf
Salmon River Estuary Field Report-pdf

2015 Field Reports

(SLELO Special Project) TILT Assessments Final Project Report
(SLELO Special Project) Chaumont Barrens Project Report 2015_ed – PDF
(SLELO Special Project) Phase II Perch River Point Peninsula Black Creek WMA Final Report
Giant Hogweed 2015 – PDF
Upper and Lower Lakes WMA Report
Tug Hill Report
Salmon River Estuary Report
Mud Lake Report
Little John WMA Report
HWA 2015 Report
French Creek WMA Report
Fish Creek WMA Report
EAB Surveillance Report
Delta Lake Report

2014 Field Season

Giant Hogweed Field Report 2014-PDF
Swallow-wort Control 2014 Final – PDF
Tug Hill ISPZ Field Report 2014 – PDF
Whetstone Reservoir Field Report 2014 – PDF
Salmon River Estuary Addendum 2014 – PDF
Oneida Lake Three Mile Bay Report 2014 – PDF
Mud Bay Field Report Addendum 2014 – PDF
Citizen Science Event 2014 – PDF
Dune D-3 Willow Report 2014 (9_12 revision)_rw-PDF
Chaumont Bay Addendum 2014 – PDF
Black Lake Addendum 2014 – PDF
Oswego County Special Project Report 2014 – PDF
Perch River and Point Peninsula SLELO final report
Lewis County Special Project 2014 Drop Box – PDF

2013 Field Season

Giant Hogweed Field Report 2013-PDF
Salmon River Estuary Hydrilla Early Detection Surveillance
Guffin Bay Follow-up Monitoring Report 2013-PDF
Fish Creek WMA Field Report 2013-PDF
Pleasent Lake Report 2013 – PDF
Delta Lake Field Report 2013 – PDF
Little John WMA 2013 – PDF
Swallow-wort Control 2013 Final – PDF
Upper Lower Lakes II – PDF
Eldrett Bird Conservation Area – PDF
SLELO PRISM Special Project – Oswego River Water Chestnuts – PDF
SLELO PRISM Special Project – Beaver River Purple Loosestrife 2013
French Creek WMA Revised – PDF
Salmon River Native Plant Assessment 2013 – PDF
Community Education & Outreach 2013 – PDF
Mud Lake 2013 – PDF
Salmon River Initiative Year 1 Field Report, 2013 – PDF

2012 Field Season

Silver Lake Fen Special Project – Glossy Buckthorn
Silver Lake Fen Special Project Addendum 2013
Oswego Co Special Project Glossy Buckthorn
DOT Roadside Assessment Field Report
SLELO Special Project – Oswego County Water Chestnut Control Report-PDF
Tug Hill ISPZ Field Report
Whetstone Reservoir Field Report
Oneida Lake Three Mile Bay Field Report
Black Lake Field Report
Mud Bay Field Report
Chaumont Bay Field Report
Dune-3 Field Report
Salmon River Estuary Knotweed Assessment
Public Information Sessions Report
Stiltgrass Field Report
Swallow-wort Control Field Report
Giant Hogweed Field Report

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