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10 Ways to Help Stop the Spread of Invasive Species

  1. Keep an eye out for invasive species when exploring the outdoors
  2. Report invasive species observations to iMapInvasives.org
  3. Clean or brush off boots and hiking gear to remove trapped seeds and plants.
  4. When choosing plants for your garden, purchase native species.
  5. Crossing the Border? Leave plants, seeds and fruits behind when crossing the border.
  6. Clean. Drain. Dry. your boating and fishing equipment.
  7. Take the bait! Emptying your bait bucket into natural waterways can spread invasives.
  8. Have a good Habitattitude! Never release unwanted pets or aquarium plants into natural waterways.
  9. Don’t Move Firewood (more than 50 miles)…..you may be transporting invasive insects, too.
  10. Roll up your sleeves and join in a local invasives removal event.

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