Challenge runs from November 1st until March 31st

To participate simply go hiking, if you see a hemlock tree check its branches for white woolly masses where the needles connect to the branch. 
To complete the challenge, take a photo of the tree, or of yourself on the trail, and post it to Facebook.
Add the hastag #VirtualHikeChallenge to the post for a chance to win a cool prize! 

Any trail in the SLELO region can be visited as part of the challenge.

Below is a map showcasing public trails that have hemlock stands near the trails. Click on the icon to learn more about the trails. The green boundry indicates the St. Lawrence Eastern Lake Ontario Region (SLELO) in which the challenge is intended.  

Hemlock woolly adelgid, HWA, is an invasive insect that kills hemlock trees.

During the fall and winter months, white woolly masses secreted by HWA can be seen along the branches of infested hemlock trees.


The St. Lawrence Eastern Lake Ontario (SLELO) region is the last region in New York state in which HWA has not been detected. 

You can help protect hemlock trees by checking hemlock branches for these white woolly masses and reporting sightings to your local Department of Environmental Conservation at 1-866-640-0652.