This New Year make a resolution that not only makes you feel good but helps to protect vital ecosystems! Join our volunteer network today and help reduce the impacts of invasive species now and for generations to come. Below are some volunteer opportunities you can get involved in throughout the year. 

Sign up to receive a virtual training. Learn how to recognize invasive species in your region, and how to report observations to NYiMapInvasives. 

Aid Early Detection Efforts

The Issue: Invasive species populations become more costly and harder to manage the longer their populations have to become established in an area. Finding populations early on, before they become too widespread enhances the success of controlling or possibly eradicating invasive species populations. 

How You Can Help: 

Nearly 40% of new invasive species infestations are found by volunteers. These findings enhance management efforts.  You can help by joining the SLELO PRISM Volunteer Surveillance Network (VSN).

Join Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

There are many volunteer opportunities available for you to get involved in. Join guided hikes and paddles, aid restoration plantings and removal efforts, and much more! 

Participate to Earn Prizes!

Earn prizes and bragging-right-status by participating in volunteer opportunities and events hosted by SLLEO PRISM and our partners! 

February 1-March 15th, join the third annual HWA Winter Mapping Challenge! 

Help protect hemlock trees by joining this state-wide effort to survey for an invasive tree pest called Hemlock Woolly Adelgid (HWA).

How to Participate: 

  • Find some hemlock trees in your area (check local state parks & public trails)
  • Check for HWA egg masses (look for white fuzz balls on the undersides of twigs)
  • Report your findings to NY iMapInvasives.
  • The iMap users who survey the most sites for HWA will win the challenge and receive a PRIZE!

The HWA Mapping Challenge is hosted by the NY Natural Heritage Program in partnership with the NYS Hemlock Initiative

Virtual Toolboxes

Visit the Protector’s Virtual Toolboxes below to access resources themed for each category, and to learn more about how to protect your favorite outdoor spaces from invasive species. 

Lands & Trails

Lands & Trails

Protect your private or publicly accessible lands and favorite hiking trails
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Protect your private or publicly accessible forested areas
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Protect your favorite paddle-ways, boating and fishing destinations
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Protect your backyard or community gardens
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Protect your favorite parks or urban green spaces, and street trees
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