Spotted Lanternfly Spotters

Have You Received Spotted Lanternfly Information?​

Spotted Lanternfly (SLF) is a top priority invasive species with a high spread potential most likely to be introduced to our region through our tourism industry. We are trying to reach out to the tourist community to learn your awareness of SLF and inform you of steps you can take to help prevent the spread of SLF. Please take a moment to answer the questions below to help us with this effort.

Will you agree to the following? 1) Check your vehicle for spotted lanternfly (SLF) adults and egg massses 2)Destroying found SLF 3)Reporting SLF sightings to spottedlanternfly@agriculture.ny.gov.(Required)
Committing to taking action will help stop the spread of spotted lanternflies.
Travel can be from a state outside of New York or from one county to another within New York State. Learning where folks are traveling from identifies potential pathways SLF can be introduced.
If received from a business or a specific event please list.
Please select the materials you received.(Required)
Were you familiar with the information shared in the materials before you received it?(Required)
SLF=Spotted Lanternfly


Rob Williams rwilliams@tnc.org 
PRISM Coordinator

Megan Pistolese megan.pistolese@tnc.org 
Outreach and Education

Brittney Rogers brittney.rogers@tnc.org 
Aquatic Invasive Species

Robert Smith robert.l.smith@tnc.org 
Terrestrial Invasive Species

During this time the best way to contact our team is via email.