Protect Waters From Aquatic Invasive Species

Clean, drain and dry your watercraft to protect your waters from aquatic invasive species.

Forest Health Visual Surveys Report-2021

View a visual survey conducted by the NYS DEC Forest Health and partners in 2021 for a variety of damage causing agents and invasive pests in New York state.

Field Survey conducted by Robert Smith and Brittney Rogers

13 Priority Conservation Areas and 30 Highly Probable Areas were surveyed for hemlock woolly adelgid in the SLELO region. Of the 30 HPAs searched, HWA was detected at 3 separate sites.

Hemlock Woolly Adelgid Found in SLELO

The SLELO region is no longer the only region in NYS to have not found hemlock woolly adelgid.

Zebra Mussels Discovered in Delta Lake

The NYS DEC has announced that zebra mussels were discovered in Delta Lake in Rome, NY in January of this year. An investigation and water testing confirmed that zebra mussel larvae are present at the Rome Fish Hatchery whose water is supplied by the Lake.

Early Detection at the Molecular Level!

Over the next two summers the partners of the SLELO PRISM will undertake a project to assess the feasibility of using eDNA as an early detection tool for aquatic invasive species.