Aquatic invasive species are easily spread by some of our favorite water activities, like boating and fishing. You can protect your favorite waterways by taking three simple steps, clean, drain and dry your watercraft before entering a new waterbody.

Aquatic invasive species can easily hitchhike on your boat, inside your motor or bilge, on your trailer, and on other equipment. Be sure to flush out your motor, drain and disinfect your bilge, and inspect everything before launching to avoid introducing a new aquatic invasive species to the area. 

You can also help protect your waters by keeping an eye out for aquatic invasive species and reporting observations while you enjoy the water.  

Check out the slides below to learn of aquatic invasive species that are threatening the St. Lawrence Eastern Lake Ontario region.  If you encounter aquatic invasive species, please report the observation to  .

Learn how to use iMapInvasives by booking a free virtual training with us! 

Know Your Invasives

Learn to recognize invasive species you may encounter on your waters.

Learn of aquatic invasive animals and their known distribution in Northern New York. 

Find public boat launches near you with watercraft inspection stewards and boat decontamination services in New York State. Stewards help raise awareness of invasive species and inspect boats for the presence of invasives to prevent their spread into new waterbodies. Boat decontamination stations are available at select locations to provide a free boat wash to kill and remove aquatic invasive species from the watercraft.