This article was featured in the 2023 Autumn Newsletter by Jessica Duger, a new SLELO volunteer. 

Over the summer I had the joy of volunteering with SLELO PRISM. I spent some time in nature (my favorite place to be) to help dig out some invasive yellow iris that had grown widespread at the Lakeview WMA Montario Point Boat Launch on South Colwell Pond in Henderson, NY.  I heard about the event from my friend and learned it was in observance of New York Invasive Species Awareness Week, which was new to me. I was told there would be snacks and sunshine, so of course I couldn’t resist and joined the event. I met some great new people, put some elbow grease in and soaked up the sunshine! I even got to join a short paddle to the beach to view piping plovers (an endangered species I hadn’t know about).  I also attended SLELO’s Walk, Talk, Art event and was a featured artist in the art show where I submitted a photo documentary creating spotted lanternfly body art on myself. This experience helped me learn about the impacts of this invasive insect and how to identify and report it.

I’d suggest volunteering with SLELO PRISM, it’s a lot of fun and you’ll learn something new for sure!


Below are some photos from my volunteer experiences with SLELO. 

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