This article was featured in the 2022 Spring Newsletter by Lauren Eggleston-Save The River.

Save The River’s Riverkeeper Volunteer Program emphasizes stewardship. These outings teach basics on assessing river health, identifying potential pollution problems, and offering positive changes. Volunteers are trained to assess and report pollution and wildlife die-offs, monitor river health, and engage with the community to promote a healthy river. Participants receive the Riverkeeper Handbook, and a Save The River t-shirt.

The training includes familiarizing volunteers with invasive species in the St. Lawrence River, Lake Ontario, and the Ottawa River. Participants learn what fish to watch out for, how to identify frequently encountered plants, the basics of iMapInvasives, and the principles of- clean, drain, and dry.

We encourage our Riverkeepers to volunteer with SLELO-PRISM to continue building their knowledge on aquatic invasive species. 

If you’d like to become a Riverkeeper, host a program, or polish up your skills, join Save The River this summer! Dates are listed below, with more announced on STR’s Facebook page as they are confirmed.

  • June 14, Minna Anthony Common Nature Center
  • July 8, Minna Anthony Common Nature Center
  • August 11, Minna Anthony Common Nature Center
  • September 9, Minna Anthony Common Nature Center

Learn more about Save The River and our work on the St. Lawrence River at

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