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The Pledge to Protect is a fun, engaging, and rewarding way to participate in invasive species prevention and management.

Taking the Pledge-To-Protect’ your lands and waters is the first step in preventing the spread of invasive plants and animals.

Upon taking the ‘Pledge,’ you will be given specific but simple actions you can practice and educational resources that will help you to protect your favorite outdoor spaces, backyard, and community.


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What you'll get

  • Monthly emails showcasing simple actions you can take to fulfill your pledge.
  • Bragging rights- collect badges and win prizes for completing action items outlined in your monthly emails!
  • Access to a social media toolbox to celebrate your pledge, and to help you share what you’ve learned.

Protector’s Activity: Protect Lands and Waters This Winter

Winter is here and there are many fun activities that you can enjoy this season like snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, ice fishing, and much more! While you’re spending time outdoors this winter there are some simple actions you can take to protect your favorite hiking trails, forests, and waterways from invasive species.

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Use the premade social media graphics in this toolbox to celebrate becoming a protector and to encourage your family and friends to join you! 

Virtual Toolboxes

Invasive species threaten the lands and waters that we all enjoy. There are simple actions you can take every day to reduce the impacts of invasive species.
Click the various icons below to learn simple actions you can take to protect your lands, trails, gardens, forests, communities, and water bodies from the impacts of invasive species. 

Lands & Trails

Lands & Trails

Protect your private or publicly accessible lands and favorite hiking trails
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Protect your private or publicly accessible forested areas
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Protect your favorite paddle-ways, boating and fishing destinations
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Protect your backyard or community gardens
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Protect your favorite parks or urban green spaces, and street trees
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What You're Protecting

The St. Lawrence Eastern Lake Ontario (SLELO) region holds immense beauty. The region spans over 7 thousand square miles of land and 1.61 million acres of surface water all of which offer rich recreational opportunities, world-class fisheries, and unique habitats for rare birds and other wildlife. 

The waters of northeastern Lake Ontario and the St. Lawrence River hold the Thousand Islands region- a North American archipelago of 1,864 islands that span 50 miles between US and Canadian borders. Stretching over 17 miles along the eastern Lake Ontario shoreline is New York’s largest freshwater dune system that provides habitat for rare and endangered birds. Anglers from around the nation and the world travel to fish in water bodies throughout the region, including the famous Salmon River. 

The gem of the SLELO region is the Tug Hill plateau which spans over one million acres of land between Lake Ontario and the Adirondacks. Within the Tug Hill plateau is 150,000 acres of unfragmented forested land which comprises one of the most rural and remote sections of New York State and the Northeast. 

Square Miles of Land in The SLELO Region
Acres of Surface Water in The SLELO Region