Explore nature while you’re hitting the trails this summer with some really neat and FREE mobile apps that aid invasive species community science. Learn about the plants and animals you encounter or aid invasive species management efforts by reporting what you find on your adventures! 

iMapInvasives Mobile App

Use the iMapInvasives mobile app to report invasive plants and animals that you may encounter while enjoying the outdoors. Reported observations are uploaded onto an online GIS interface that supports invasive species management efforts across the state. 

Layout App by Instagram

One of the limitations currently with the iMap app is that you can only upload one photo per observation. Some observations may need more photos to give the observation the proper detail. Try taking photos with GPS Camera 55 Field Survey (featured next), and then make a collage using the Layout app by Instagram.


GPS Camera 55 Field Survey

Use this app to add GPS coordinates, date, time, and other location data to the borders of your photos. This is a great tool for labeling photos you take in the field, and for organizing photos you plan to upload into your iMapInvasives observations. 


Gaiga GPS

Use this app to plan out routes, record your hikes and leave markers where you find invasive species or set markers on places to visit. 


Use iNaturalist to record observations of any organism you find, whether it’s a native, non-native, or invasive species. Invasive species data entered into iNaturalist via an iMapInvasives project will be uploaded into iMapInvasives after quality control checks are completed.


Use the power of image recognition technology to identify the plants and animals all around you, and learn if what you’ve encountered is a native, introduced, or invasive species. Earn badges for seeing different types of plants, birds, fungi, and more!


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