Delta Lake

About This Priority Conservation Area

Delta Lake is located in the center of Oneida County New York, just north of the Town of Rome. The open water surface area is approximately 2,300 acres and includes 19 miles of shoreline (Figure 3) with a maximum depth of 60 feet. This man-made reservoir was created following the construction of the Delta Dam on the Mohawk River, which began in 1908 and flooded the area where the original town of Delta once stood. The purpose of the dam was to guarantee sufficient water for the Barge and Erie Canal system and also to prevent spring flooding in the Town of Rome.

Confirmed Invasive Species Observations

Confirmed observations of SLELO’s tiered invasive species at Delta Lake PCA. For more information, visit iMapInvasives

Tier List Species Recorded at This PCA

The invasive species tiers guide management priorities in New York State and are utilized by the Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management or PRISM network. The species in each tier are categorized by their distribution, abundance, and available management options, and may vary depending on the region. The species listed below are the species categorized in the SLELO PRISM region. View a full list of tiered species in the SLELO PRISM.  Learn about New York State Invasive Species Tiers and view a Story-Map

Tier 1 Species

Early Detection/Prevention 

The management approach is early detection & prevention. Species are not known to be in the SLELO region but are within 100 miles and an introduction pathway exists. 

Species Recorded at This PCA

No tier 1 species are found at this PCA at this time. 

Tier 2 Species


The anagement approach is eradication. Species are known to be present in the SLELO region but are in low abundance with suitable treatment methods available to make eradication feasible with Priority Conservation Areas. 

Species Recorded at This PCA
  • Fanwort

Tier 3 Species


The management approach is containment/exclusion. Species are too widespread for eradication from the region, but some areas remain unaffected. Targeted management can be used to suppress the population within Priority Conservation Areas. 

Species Recorded at This PCA
  • Japanese Knotweed
  • Phragmites

Tier 4 Species

Suppression/Local Control

The management approach is suppression/local control. Species are present and widespread throughout the region with no chance of eradication. Localized management is applied to protect high-priority resources like rare plant habitats or recreation areas. 

Species Recorded at This PCA
  • Curly-leaved pondweed
  • Eurasian water-milfoil
  • Purple loosestrife                     

Tier 5 Species


The management approach is to monitor. Species may or may not be in the region but are difficult to respond to or require more knowledge of distribution, and management options. 

Species Recorded at This PCA

No tier 5 species are found at this PCA at this time. 

Species Recorded at this PCA that are not listed in SLELO PRISM's Tiers

  • Brittle Naiad 

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