This article was featured in the 2024 Winter Newsletter by Rob Willaims-SLELO PRISM.

A shout-out to the SLELO Team, our partners, and volunteers for another excellent year in program delivery. Together we made tremendous progress on our conservation initiatives including:

  • 45 volunteers and staff planted over 6,670 native plants of 24 different species to restore a 30-acre riparian area along South Sandy Creek.
  • We completed invasive species suppression on 122 sites and ecological restoration efforts on 6 sites designed to promote biodiversity and increase resilience to changes in climate.
  • Implemented a WISP program resulting in the interception of aquatic invasive species on 1,452 occasions preventing their spread to and from other North American waterbodies.
  • Maximized the liberation of biological control agents on multiple target invasives exceeding 9,400 insects released.
  • We directly, and indirectly engaged over 47,000 individuals through sponsored events, social media, SLELO-sponsored websites, and via Watercraft Stewardship.
  • Developed an online dashboard to better engage and track our Volunteer Surveillance Network (VSN) activities. 

Kudos to Zack Simek, Robert Smith, Brittney Rogers, Megan Pistolese-Shaw, our principal partners and cooperating affiliates, and our many volunteers for making 2023 a success.  We look forward to advancing our work and further engaging everyone in 2024.

              ~ Rob Williams

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