SLELO PRISM-Megan Pistolese

Warm weather is finally here and it’s time to gear up and enjoy the great outdoors (socially distanced of course). You can help protect your favorite wild and urban places by keeping an eye out for invasive species, reporting observations via iMapInvasives, and by taking steps to control invasives you find on your property.

Detecting species early on and implementing control methods before populations become too large reduces the spread potential and impacts of invasive species. To strengthen early detection efforts, SLELO is recruiting volunteers to help survey for priority prevention species that threaten our region. Currently, we’re focusing efforts on spotted lanternfly/tree of heaven, hemlock woolly adelgid, tench, and fanwort.

 We’ve created an interactive story-map that showcases confirmed iMapInvasives observations, suggested survey sites, and other information for these species.

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 In addition to volunteering with SLELO, our host organization, The Nature Conservancy offers many other ways you can serve nature.

To learn more, contact: Mary Ripka, NYS Volunteer Programs Manager 315-387 -3600 x7721

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