Do you have some extra time on your hands and want to do something that will help out but is also safe during COVID?

You can help enhance invasive species outreach efforts from the comfort of your phone!

We’re needing help conducting an online search for specific businesses (marinas, tackle/bait shops, charter captain fishing services, vineyards, orchards, wine tours), and special groups (tree clubs, outdoor groups)  on Facebook.

We plan to use the information to engage the businesses and groups in a strategic outreach initiative aimed to raise awareness for an invasive agricultural pest that threatens New York’s agricultural and tourism industries called the spotted lanternfly (SLF).   

Volunteer For this Opportunity

To volunteer for this project, fill out the form below and choose the ” conduct an online search for amenities to add to our database” option from the question asking how you would want to volunteer below. 

Feel free to volunteer for other opportunities that may interest you. 

    I've never heard of invasive species before but want to learn moreI've hear of invasive species but aren't familiar with manyI know of specific invasives that threaten my areaI'm an expert

    I like to hikeI like to snowshoe/cross country skiI fish oftenI go out on motorized boatsI like to canoe/kayak

    Surveying for and reporting invasive speciesAid removal efforts of terrestrial/aquatic invasive speciesPledge to grow natives over exotic species in my gardenDeploy and monitor emerald ash borer tree trapsCollect water samples to detect aquatic invasive speciesRaise boater awareness of invasive species at boat launchesCollect invasive plants to press for our specimen collectionConduct an online search for amenities to add to our databaseHelp bundle brochures and prep outreach material

    Fanwort (an aquatic invasive plant)Tench (invasive fish)spotted lanternfly (invasive insect that threatens our beer, wine and agricultural industry)emerald ash borer (invasive insect that kills ash trees)hemlock woolly adelgid (invasive insect that kills hemlock trees)all of the aboveother

    I use iMapInvasivesI use iNaturalistI am not familiar with these and would like to learn more.

    mostly weekdaysmostly weekends