Although 2020 was a challenging year for all of us, the SLELO Partnership was able to accomplish quite a bit. 

  • We assisted with restoration efforts on Tug Hill by planting an additional 8,500 climate-adaptable, forest pest-resistant trees. 
  • We intercepted aquatic invasive species on 1,243 occasions preventing their spread to and from other North American waterbodies. 
  • We utilized innovation such as (biocontrols and eDNA) to protect our lands and waters. 
  • We hosted 35 virtual education and outreach events across a 5-county region directly engaging 39,578 individuals. 
  • We prepared an Urban Forest Sustainability Guidebook for cities to enhance the health of urban forests in the path of invasive species and a changing climate. 

Learn more about what we accomplished in 2020 in our Annual Report.