Eastern Lake Ontario Symposium Archive

2019 Symposium Presentations & Resources

2017 Symposium Presentations & Resources


Protect U.S. Community Invasive Species Network  Provides scripted Powerpoints, E-Learning Modules, Lesson Plans, and Youtube Channel for various pests and invasive species

The University of Georgia Center for Invasive Species and Ecosystem Health Provides education and outreach information on invasive species, as
well as, a library of cited invasive species images

Urban Forestry Today Provides recently recorded webcasts from the University of Massachusetts Department of Environmental Conservation,
Amherst, MA.  
National Plant Diagnostic Network Provides First Detectors Resources such as taxonomic training modules,

Sentinel Plant Network Provides early detector/outreach resources for
invasive species/plant pests and pathogens

Templates for invasive species and forest pest interpretive signs

Phragmites Adaptive Management Framework 

2014 Symposium Presentations

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Rob Williams 
PRISM Coordinator

Megan Pistolese 
Outreach and Education

Brittney Rogers 
Aquatic Invasive Species Coordinator

Robert Smith 
Terrestrial Invasive Species Coordinator

During this time the best way to contact our team is via email.