SLELO PRISM is Pleased to Participate in New York’s Eighth Annual Invasive Species Awareness Week

Events Are Being Hosted Across New York State June 6-12, 2021. 

NYISAW is an educational campaign featuring statewide events that encourage New Yorkers to learn about invasive species and help protect the state’s resources from the negative impacts of invasive species.

 Invasive species are non-native plants, animals, insects, or diseases that can cause harm to the environment, the economy, or human health. They cause or contribute to degradation and loss of habitat, loss of native fish, wildlife, and plant species, loss of recreational opportunities and associated income, damage to crops and nursery stock, health issues in humans and livestock and risks to public safety. Invaders can be introduced intentionally (like when non-native plants are sold at nurseries and escape from gardens) or unintentionally (like when insects hitch rides in wooden crates). Since New York State is a hub for international trade and travel, our state has one of the highest rates of non-native introductions and invasive species are a constant threat to our resources.

Combatting invasive species may seem like a daunting task, but it’s easy for New Yorkers to make small changes to their daily routine. Hikers can remove seeds from clothing, boots and equipment before and after heading out on a trail. Gardeners can take care to use native plants when gardening and landscaping and inspect the contents of seed packets for invasive plants. Boaters can clean plant material and mud from their watercraft and gear before and after leaving a boat launch. Campers can buy local firewood to prevent the spread of forest pests and diseases. The public can also utilize NYiMapInvasives, New York’s invasive species database, to help report invasive species populations.

New York Invasive Species Awareness Week is coordinated by the New York Invasive Species Advisory Committee, New York Invasive Species Council, and Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management. SLELO PRISM is one of eight Partnerships for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISM) in the state. For further information about NYISAW and to view a list of state-wide events visit

NYISAW Events Hosted in the SLELO Region

SLELO PRISM and our partners at the Indian River Lakes Association are co-hosting two events in observance of NYISAW. 

This discussion will provide a bird’s-eye view of the Indian River Lakes watershed and explore funding sources and invasive species management permit needs, along with an overview of aquatic invasive species that may be invading your dock or shoreline and what steps you need to take to help manage them.

Learn to recognize native and invasive aquatic plants. There will be multiple guided live plant-ID sessions on land starting at 9 am, 10 am, and 11 am directly followed by an optional guided water session. Kayaks and gear are available upon request. INDIVIDUAL REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED.

For a full list of events being held across NYS visit

NYISAW QR Code Poster

Take the Invasive Species Scavenger Hunt Challenge

Game Instructions

  1. Download a New York Invasive Species Scavenger Hunt gameboard at the beginning of NYS Invasive Species Awareness Week 2021 (June 6th-12th 2021).
  2. Explore the board and try to complete at least one activity per row during New York State Invasive Species Awareness Week 2021 (June 6th – 12th 2021).
  3. Take a photo to post on Facebook or Instagram with a description that will teach your friends and followers what you’re doing to help stop the spread of invasive plants and animals in your community. Include the hashtag #NYISAW in each post to track your game play throughout the week! 
  4. How to win: The person with the most activities completed will be selected from each of New York’s eight PRISM regions across the state and prizes will be mailed over the summer of 2021!

Education & Outreach Coordinators representing the NYS PRISM network will reach out to participants via Facebook and IG messenger to inform them of their winning and to request additional contact information.