This article was featured in the 2022 Autumn Newsletter by Rob Williams-SLELO PRISM.

For many of our programs it takes several seasons and a lot of teamwork to plan, develop, and reach an impactful threshold, it just doesn’t happen overnight.  This year the SLELO PRISM has reached several milestones each of which increases our overall impact on our ability to suppress invasives and recover/maintain ecosystem resilience. 

Our ecological restoration and rehabilitation efforts have been maximized through the addition of large-scale projects and the inclusion of smaller restoration sites. This year our South Sandy Creek restoration work along with our Eastern Lake Ontario Dunes work has reduced riparian invasives and restored diverse assemblages of native plants.  Our biological control program has expanded to include the liberation of biocontrols for additional target species such as emerald ash borer and the hemlock woolly adelgid reaching an all-time high of released agents. Our Watercraft Inspection Steward Program (WISP) program has seen the most successful season to date with dedicated stewards and an extended season. Our communications and media efforts have been scaled up reaching a high point of inclusion in statewide primetime news. Lastly, the development of a scorecard that helps us to measure conservation success in many of our Priority Conservation Areas.

The key to these milestones is teamwork, commitment, and a strong desire to make a difference in our great outdoors.

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