This article was featured in the 2023 Spring Newsletter by Brittney Rogers-SLELO PRISM.

Watercraft Inspection Steward Program:

We are excited to again co-administer WISP with the Thousand Islands Land Trust. We are currently recruiting and onboarding 12 stewards to be stationed around the SLELO PRISM region (See map below). We are thankful to the many partners, municipalities, and land managers who continue to support this program. In 2023 we plan to continue extensive launch coverage around the region, conduct plant species surveys at launches, attend education and outreach events and conduct SLF trap monitoring. Launch coverage begins Memorial Day Weekend following a three day intensive training. If you see a steward, be sure to say hi!

eDNA Project:

This year our eDNA project will be limited with strategic sampling occurring around the region. Expect to see TNC’s eDNA mobile lab stationed at sampling points and be sure to get a tour while attending outreach events including the 2023 SLELO Symposium! Visit our website to read more about current and past projects.


eDNA water sampling-SLELO PRISM

2023 Restoration Efforts:

Following three years of work assessing the riparian areas of South Sandy Creek, managing invasive species — invasive knotweed and Phragmites, and conducting extensive native species surveys, we are moving into our next phase of exciting work, enhancing the biodiversity and resilience of this precious resource in Eastern Lake Ontario. This spring, we will be planting 24 native species, totaling over 6,600 plants, at the South Sandy Creek Restoration Project site this June. If you are interested in attending please be sure to sign-up on our volunteer webpage to receive future updates on installment dates and logistics!

New England Aster-SLELO PRISM

For more information on these or other aquatic restoration and resiliency projects please reach out to Brittney Rogers at

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