This article was featured in the 2022 Autumn Newsletter by Brittney Rogers-SLELO PRISM.

Our 2022 Watercraft Inspection Steward Program co-administered with TILT, concluded on October 16, and could very well be our most successful season yet. This was the first year we were able to keep four stewards on into the fall, and during that time we were able to reach over 3,000 additional people and intercept aquatic hitchhikers 150 times. During the extension into the fall, we reached new audiences working along the salmon river with fisherman who traveled to the area from all over the globe.

Preliminary results of the 2022 WISP data:

  • 13,250 Surveys
  • 16% boats considered “dirty”
  • 1,100 AIS Interceptions
  • 29,900 People Reached
  • 95% Participation Rate
  • 18% no previous steward interactions
  • Average group size 2-4 people
  • Launch visitors from over 43 states

One important encounter was a dead spotted lanternfly found on a boat trailer. This was immediately reported to NYS Agriculture and Markets. Throughout the summer stewards had been  sharing information on SLF with boaters and we will continue to ramp up these efforts next season.


2022 WISP Photos

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