Teaming Up To Stop The Spread Of Invasive Species

The mission of the St. Lawrence-Eastern Lake Ontario (SLELO) Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISM) is to protect native habitats, biodiversity, natural areas, and freshwater resources by using a collaborative and integrated approach to invasive species management with emphasis on: prevention, early detection, rapid response, education and outreach.

Our work is a collaborative effort among multiple partners. Our work is focused on priority initiatives identified by our partnership. These priorities guide our strategic planning and actions and are aligned with our mission to protect our lands and waters from the impacts of invasive species. Read More.. 


As the SLELO PRISM continues to implement successful and innovative projects, our team has expanded to meet the needs of our program. This increased capacity allows us to deliver more effective and targeted approaches to invasive species spread prevention, early detection, control and management. Learn more about the staff and how our roles tie together to deliver the most successful program possible. Read More..

Discovering populations of invasive species before they become too large to manage, known as Early Detection, gives a strategic advantage to prevention and management initiatives. Help SLELO reduce the negative impacts that invasive species can cause to the environment, economy and/or human health by volunteering with us today. Read More…


#Virtual Hike Challenge

Calling all hikers-take the #VirtualHikeChallenge to protect your hemlock trees! Take a hike, check hemlock trees for white woolly masses, and post a photo on Facebook using the hashtag #VirtualHikeChallenge for a chance to win a cool prize!

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Emerald Ash Borer Biocontrol

The SLELO region is part of an exciting pilot study that is investigating combining short-term systemic insecticides and long-term biological control to help preserve ash resources in black and green ash forests.

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