Creating resilient lands and waters while protecting biodiversity through invasive species prevention and management

The St. Lawrence-Eastern Lake Ontario (SLELO) Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management (PRISM) is in cooperation with The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and more than twenty-three regional partner organizations. Our mission is to protect native habitats, biodiversity, natural areas, and freshwater resources by using a collaborative and integrated approach to invasive species management with emphasis on prevention, early detection, rapid response, education, and outreach.

You can help prevent and manage invasive species, too! Join our protectors by taking the Pledge to Protect against invasive species. We’ll arm you with the information you need to protect our region, based on the outdoor environments you live, work and play in. Protectors receive monthly emails with simple steps to take, education on invasive species and badges to share on social media. Read More…

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Our work is a collaborative effort among multiple partners. Our work is focused on priority initiatives identified by our partnership. These priorities guide our strategic planning and actions and are aligned with our mission to protect our lands and waters from the impacts of invasive species.                       Read More.. 


As the SLELO PRISM continues to implement successful and innovative projects, our team has expanded to meet the needs of our program. This increased capacity allows us to deliver more effective and targeted approaches to invasive species spread prevention, early detection, control and management. Learn more about the staff and how our roles tie together to deliver the most successful program possible. Read More..

Discovering populations of invasive species before they become too large to manage, known as Early Detection, gives a strategic advantage to prevention and management initiatives. You can aid early detection efforts in the St. Lawrence Eastern Lake Ontario Region by joining our Invasive Species Volunteer Surveillance Network (VSN), and by joining other volunteer opportunities we offer.  Read More…


Virtual Hike Challenge

SLELO PRISM will hold our annual Virtual Hike Challenge (VHC) again this winter. The challenge, happening November 2022, through March 2023, pairs winter hiking with simple instructions to help keep an eye out for hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA). HWA is an invasive forest pest that is confirmed to be present in Oswego County and is spreading along the Eastern Lake Ontario shoreline.

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Priority Conservation Score Card

Is the health of our Priority Conservation Areas (PCAs) getting better, worsening, or maintained as a result of our invasive species protection & management strategies? Answering this important question first requires a benchmark. To achieve this, the SLELO PRISM has been developing a scorecard for each PCA based on current analysis.

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Hope for Hemlocks: Biocontrol for HWA

Finding effective biological control options is a critical piece of the long-term solution to eastern hemlock conservation in the face of hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA), an invasive insect that is killing hemlock on the East Coast. Cornell University’s NYS Hemlock Initiative is researching two different kinds of insects that are HWA eating machines: Laricobius beetles and Leucotaraxis silver flies.

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About the Cover: 2022 Autumn Newsletter

SLELO PRISM has implemented a biological control program that may offer long-term suppression of target invasive species. By introducing approved biocontrols (a.k.a. native predators) we can lessen the labor and cost of other management techniques. This enhances our goal of managing lands and forests for resiliency by reducing the impacts of invasive species.

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