Urban Forest Sustainabilty

A community guide to sustaining healthy street trees

in the path of invasive species and climate change.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that trees benefit the environment, human health and wellness, and the social, economic, and aesthetic aspects of our communities. Overall, there are an estimated 5.5 billion trees (39.4% tree cover) in urban communities nationally. Each of these communities having many components that must be considered to maintain their urban forests.

Our Urban Forest Sustainability Guide is designed to help our communities sustain their urban forests by encouraging the following strategies: increased tree species diversity, planting climate adaptable trees, implementing proper pest management, planting the right trees in the right places, and selecting native rather than non-native tree species. Taking these steps enhances the resiliency of our urban forests against invasive pests and climate change.


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To learn more about our Urban Forest Sustainability Initiative please reach out to our Terrestrial Resiliency and Restoration Coordinator, Robert Smith at robert.l.smith@tnc.org, 315 387 3600 x7730.

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