Hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA) is an invasive forest pest that kills hemlock trees. HWA hasn’t been found in the St. Lawrence Eastern Lake Ontario Region but it is within close proximity to our borders. Early detection is key to protecting our forests against HWA. 

To strengthen early detection efforts, the SLELO team is gearing up for hemlock woolly adelgid surveys. During these surveys, we conduct a thorough search of hemlock stands for signs of HWA presence, report observations, and collect hemlock stand data.

Below is a story-map showcasing the HWA survey sites that have been identified as having large stands of hemlock trees. 

Navigating The Story-Map

  • Use your computer mouse to zoom in/out and move the map.
  • Click on the green dots to get directions to the survey site, and learn trail details.
  • Purple dots indicate HWA confirmed iMap observations.  
  • Scroll the left sidebar to learn to recognize and report HWA. 
  • Click the links for more resources. 
  • Click the tabs along the top to explore other species we’re enhancing early detection for. 

If you know of hemlock stands outside of the locations indicated by GREEN DOTS on the map above please fill out the form below.

This information will help us better strategize our early detection efforts for this invasive forest pest.