About the PRISM Network

What is a PRISM?

A PRISM is a Partnership for Regional Invasive Species Management. Stakeholders have formed several PRISMs across New York State to address the threat of invasive species and are key to New York’s integrated approach to invasive species management.

Partnerships will plan regional invasive species management, develop early detection and rapid response capacity, deliver education and outreach, implement eradication projects and more.

PRISM partners include state agencies, resource managers, non-governmental organizations, industry, recreationists, and interested citizens. New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) will, within available funds, support a fiscal/administrative sponsor for each PRISM.

PRISM functions are:

  • Planning regional invasive species management
  • Developing early detection and rapid response capacity
  • Implementing eradication projects
  • Educating – in cooperation with DEC-contracted Education and Outreach providers
  • Coordinating PRISM partners
  • Recruiting and training volunteers
  • Supporting research through citizen science

PRISMs are a great way to get involved in invasive species management. Contact a PRISM leader for more information. Join the monthly PRISM conference call for updates, online presentations and announcements. Or join the listserves to join the discussion.

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