2014 Field Season

The partners of the SLELO PRISM have identified 24 Priority Conservation Areas on which we conduct early detection surveillance on a two year rotation. This year’s field reports should be considered as addendum to the original field reports completed in 2012. Original reports are attached to the end of each addendum.

Giant Hogweed Field Report 2014-PDF

Swallow-wort Control 2014 Final – PDF

Tug Hill ISPZ Field Report 2014 – PDF

Whetstone Reservoir Field Report 2014 – PDF

Salmon River Estuary Addendum 2014 – PDF

Oneida Lake Three Mile Bay Report 2014 – PDF

Mud Bay Field Report Addendum 2014 – PDF

Citizen Science Event 2014 – PDF

Dune D-3 Willow Report 2014 (9_12 revision)_rw-PDF

Chaumont Bay Addendum 2014 – PDF

Black Lake Addendum 2014 – PDF

Oswego County Special Project Report 2014 – PDF

Perch River and Point Peninsula SLELO final report

Lewis County Special Project 2014 Drop Box – PDF