Protecting Our Forests


Volunteers at Adopt A Trap Training

Volunteers and partners of the SLELO PRISM learn to protect our forests and neighborhoods from forest pests by adopting-a-trap. Community preparedness and protecting our forests begins with an understanding of the threats posed by invasive pests and pathogens that impact healthy trees. Tracking the spread of such pests helps us to be more prepared for their arrival. On Wednesday, April 19th – thirty-nine individuals participated in our Adopt-A-Trap workshop held at Westcott Beach State Park. Thirteen Team Leads will oversee the deployment of 60 tree traps designed to sample bugs including the Emerald Ash Borer. Some participants will also be participating in the statewide pool survey designed to detect for the Asian Longhorned beetle. Many thanks to Megan Pistolese and the SLELO PRISM Education Committee along with partners Maria MoskaLee DEC Forest Health, Josh Payette NYS Parks Department, Irene Mazzochi DEC Region 6 and Jessica Cancelliere, DEC Forest Health.