Don’t Dump Bait

Timing is critical when responding to the initial detection of a newly arriving or emerging invasive species. Early Detection and Rapid Response – spotting and responding to the invasion of an unwanted plant, animal or organism while it is in low abundance is often the key first step in effectively managing and possibly eradicating a newly-arriving invasive species.

In 2017, the SLELO PRISM’s Early Detection team confirmed rusty crayfish (Orconectes rusticus) in two waterbodies within the SLELO PRISM region. Adult males and females were discovered in Oneida Lake, leading us to believe that they had been in Oneida Lake for some time. Another discovery occurred in Delta Lake Reservoir, only juveniles were found. An effort to remove rusty crayfish from the Delta Lake Reservoir occurred in the summer of 2018, over a dozen juvenile rustys were captured and destroyed.

To raise awareness we have promoted a  “Don’t Dump Bait” message around Lake Delta and Oneida Lake.


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