Note from the Coordinator

Robust Work Plan for 2018

Each year, partners of the SLELO PRISM develop work plans that allow us to stay focused on our mission. Each work plan task is directly linked to one or more of the seven goals outlined within our Strategic Plan. This linkage is what keeps us focused and what brings the greatest value and impact to our work and mission.

This year our partnership will implement 66 activities throughout a five-county region that focus on each of our seven goals (showcased in the bar graph). This work will be achieved with support from the SLELO PRISM staff, our host organization (The Nature Conservancy, CWNY), local partners and volunteers and our state agency partners.

Translated, this means that we are committed to creating healthy, sustainable and resilient ecosystems to maintain ecological integrity and to protect native habitats, biodiversity and natural areas by using a collaborative and integrated approach to invasive species management. Kudos SLELO Partners!

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